Our players receive a full personalized service covering every single need in the issues related and unrelated to sport. We provide our players with every single necessary tool to see their objectives achieved.


Thanks To The Seriousness Of Our Job, The Player Office Counts With The Trust Of The Internationals Clubs. That Allows The Player Office To Be A Leading Company In The Intermediation Service With The Clubs, Easing The Agreements Between Players, Clubs Or Agencies In The World .


The Player Office provides their players with an integral legal service through our lawyers cooperation. Thus, the Player Office receives juridical advice in every legal and fiscal fields.


The Player Office offers an integral service to the player that raises his image through their social media and offline communication, fostering his personal brand image.


The Player Office manages and advices their players about the content to publish in the social media, as well as managing their web pages and media interviews, with the objective of keeping the social media at the very same level of the player.


The Player Office controls the young promises of the national and international panorama through a system of contacts with presence in all the South American and European industry.

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